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Vegan Chocolate Date Butters


Date honey – or Silan – is a staple Mediterranean delicacy, rich in antioxidants, fiber and potassium. We’ve blended this superfood with pure cocoa to create a velvety, chocolaty indulgence that you can enjoy with all your favorite foods. But we didn’t stop there—we added a touch of some perfect dark chocolate pairings just to make every buttery spoonful that much more unforgettable.


Choose from flavors like refreshing mint, sweet orange, and tropical coconut, or try our extra creamy version made with pure hazelnut butter.​


Made with pure date honey and 100% cocoa solids, our decadent chocolate date butters will have you at hello!


This vegan delight is for foodies and kids alike, and the good news is that it is packed with nutrients!


Spread on toast & sandwiches, drizzle over breakfasts & desserts, add to smoothies & hot drinks, and use creatively in cooking & baking.​

Our product line includes:


  • Chocolate Date Butter - Classic

  • Chocolate Date Butter with a touch of Mint

  • Chocolate Date Butter with a touch of Orange

  • Chocolate Date Butter with a touch of Coconut

  • Chocolate Hazelnut Date Butter

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