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Date Honey & Date Sugar

Date honey⁠—also known as Silan⁠⁠—is a staple Mediterranean delicacy, rich in antioxidants, fiber and potassium.

Made from 100% homegrown dates, our date honey has a sweet full-bodied flavor with a hint of caramel-like maltiness. No additives, no preservatives⁠—this vegan delight is the ideal healthy sugar alternative!​

Favor organic? We've got you covered!


Recommended uses for date honey:

  • In cooking, grilling, roasting, barbecuing & fresh salads.

  • Spread on toast & sandwiches

  • Drizzle over breakfasts & desserts

  • Add to smoothies & hot drinks

Prefer a non-liquid sweetener? Try date sugar! Ground into a fine powder that's easy for sprinkling, our organic date sugar is a perfect substitute for regular sugar⁠—cup for cup.

100% Natural ● 100% Vegan ● No Fat

No Added Sugar ● No Artificial Sweeteners

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