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Flavored Tahini

Lin's Farm tahini products are made from premium quality sesame seeds that have been gently stone-ground to creamy deliciousness.

In order to create the perfect tahini, we use a carefully crafted combination of both sesame that is hulled (creamier texture) and unhulled (more calcium)—because at Lin's Farm, taste, nutrition, and product quality are all a priority!

Blended with Middle Eastern flavors like za'atar and amba; or superfoods like spirulina, turmeric, and date honey; our protein-rich tahinis are chock-full of flavor and nutrients.


For superfoodies, our green tahini brings the benefits of spirulina⁠—a powerful antioxidant—and our yellow tahini serves up a bold, flavorful dose of turmeric—a potent anti-inflammatory.

If you love international cuisine, our spiced tahinis are going to positively delight you: get ready for a colorful taste of our region—savory & ready to serve!

Our product line includes:

  • Organic Tahini with Za'atar

  • Organic Tahini with Chili

  • Organic Tahini with Amba

  • Organic Green Tahini with Spirulina

  • Organic Yellow Tahini with Turmeric & Curry

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