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Aromatic Flavored Honeys


Our aromatic wildflower honeys are blooming with fragrance and flavor! Get ready for exquisite surprises like zesty lemon-ginger, floral raspberry-rose, and sweet strawberry-vanilla. And for those of you who crave a spicy kick, we’ve got a deliciously piquant honey with a perfect blend of jalapeño and pineapple!

Honey production is at the heart of Lin’s Farm! Our classic wildflower honey is light and smooth, with a sweetness so delicate, you’ll be making it a kitchen staple.


But we wanted to delight you even more, so we added a touch of natural fruit and floral pairings—guaranteed to positively wow your senses every time.

Enjoy in hot drinks & smoothies, on toast & sandwiches, in salad dressings, cooking, and baking, or simply drizzle over your favorite breakfast or dessert!​

Our product line includes:

  • Honey with a touch of Passion Fruit

  • Honey with a touch of Lemon & Ginger

  • Honey with a touch of Raspberry & Rose

  • Honey with a touch of Strawberry & Vanilla

  • Honey with a touch of Jalapeño & Pineapple

PS. Prefer your honey unflavored or organic? Browse our selection below—we've got you covered.

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