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Kosher Certification


All of our products are certified Kosher Pareve by recognized kosher certification agencies in Israel.


The following product lines are all certified under Badatz Mehadrin - Rabbi Avraham Rubin: aromatic flavored honeys, chocolate date butters, marinades & dressings, flavored tahini, nut butters, Middle Eastern sweet delights, date honey, date sugar, coconut products, and Egg Free™.


Our savory dips are certified under Badatz Beit Yosef and Rabbanut Modiin.


Our beehive superfoods are certified under Rabbanut Modiin.

*Passover certification: all of our product lines—excluding beehive superfoods—are certified Kosher for Passover under Rabbanut Modiin. Note: marinades & dressings, flavored tahini, halva spread and peanut butter are kitniyot.

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