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Creator of the month: Meshek Lin – Lin's Farm

"Talking to Neta Lin-Cohen, managing director of Lin’s Farm and hearing her inspiring tale, the love in her voice and the deep connection she feels to her family, to Israel and to agriculture is simply beautiful and fascinating."

Fairway Market Launches "Taste Israel"- A Collection of Israel’s Finest Products 

"Fairway Market, the New York area’s 'Place to Go Fooding' on Wednesday morning October 10th, presented a celebration of food, wine, beer, condiments, confections and other gourmet specialties from an array of Israeli companies."


Keeping the Honey in the Land of Milk and Honey

"What makes one honey higher quality than another? 'The main difference is the flowers the honey is made of,' explained Youval Lin, beekeeper and owner of Lin’s Bee Farm. 'In Israel, eucalyptus, avocado, hyssop, and siziphus honey are high-quality honey, sold mainly by boutique sellers.'"

To Bee Or Not To Bee

"'It is important for us to relay to the general public the fascinating world of the bee, which is an integral element of nature and the food chain,'notes Yoval Lin."

Beyond Winnie the Pooh

"'Our beehives,' Lin said, 'are located all over, from the Golan through the Galilee to the Negev and further south, and we gather honey from bees that feed on a variety of flowers.'"

The Beekeeper, the Baker and the Olive Oil Maker

"Netta Lin manages the Lin Bee Farm at Kfar Bilu with her brother Yuval Lin, producing honey and health products. There are 12 workers at the farm, which has some 1,000 hives producing about 200 tons of honey each year."


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