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Decorative Cardboard Gift Box (Deluxe)

Decorative Cardboard Gift Box (Deluxe)


This large decorative cardboard gift box with carry handle is overflowing with an array of both sweet and savory gourmet products! Delight your recipient with:

• 1 Cabernet Sauvignon-Petite Sirah wine, Teperberg Winery (750 ml)

• 1 Israeli extra virgin olive oil (250 ml)

• 1 gourmet marinade* (320g)

• 2 fruit preserves (240g)

• 1 flavored chocolate date butter* (240g)
• 1 pure wildflower honey (125g)
• 3 miniature flavored honeys or sweet spreads* (60g)


*Your choice of flavors!


Shipping Rates & Delivery: Please email us to calculate shipping rates & delivery times.

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