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Decorative Wooden Gift Box (Deluxe)

Decorative Wooden Gift Box (Deluxe)


This large decorative wooden gift box (13.7" x 11" x 4") is overflowing with an array of both sweet and savory gourmet products! Delight your recipient with:

• 1 Marsala wine, Teperberg Winery (750 ml)
• 1 pure wildflower honey (240g)
• 2 gourmet marinades* (320g)
• 2 savory vegan dips (180g)
• 2 flavored honeys* (240g)
• 3 flavored chocolate date butters* (240g)


*Your choice of flavors!


Shipping Rates & Delivery: Please email us to calculate shipping rates & delivery times.

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